Mint Geode Slice


This beautiful piece has been created in green, mint, pearl and white tones with aura and clear crystal quartz points inclusions, clear crystal quartz chips and crushed opal.  The stunning rocky edge look adds character to this unique piece.  

The colors used in this artwork invites to calm and relax while the sparkle brings its joy, along with the energy of quartz this piece irradiates peace energy, wonderful for any space.

This piece is aprox 50 x 25 inches created over wood panel.

The sparkling lines has been archived using LUXE Powders & Embellishments from WYNN modern art < >.

The geode inspired art is about bring the good energy of the quartz stones to your place, reason why is called art with a purpose.

The luxurious feeling makes it so unique and captivating just like the wonders of mother nature.

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